OTF – I’ve always been interested in health and fitness. I don’t always workout or eat healthy and I go through phases like most of us do. But I always feel my best when I exercise and eat low carbohydrate foods. I have participated in countless group fitness classes before  and know they’re the best way for me to stick to a plan, especially when I get charged if I don’t show up! So when I had the opportunity to try a free class at Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) with my BFF mid-December 2017 (everyone’s first class is free!), the timing was perfect and I jumped at the chance. The workouts are (mostly) 60 minute workouts filled with high intensity interval training (HIIT) segments including running, rowing, and strength training. They do offer occasional 90 minute and 45 minutes classes (trust me, the 90 minutes classes are LEGIT) for those needing more or less time to sweat. The instructor briefs the class prior to starting and offers alternate workouts for beginners or anyone needed lower impact movements. Everyone wears an OTF-purchased heart rate monitor and television screens in the workout rooms show heart rates, calories burned, and splat points earned by each participant. I won’t go into all the details about splat points but it’s a fun way to gauge the intensity of your workouts.

From now until March 25, I will be referencing OTF more than usual. In keeping with the spirit of the new year, they are offering an 8-week Transformation Challenge (TC). The rules are simple – the male and female at each studio with the highest percentage of weight loss are declared winners. The only stipulations are that you must work out at least three times a week and eat well (no starving yourself or crazy diets). I have never been a competitive person, but it’s funny how an event like a wedding will get one motivated! My mindset right now is that I will win. I’m working out 3-4 days per week (every other day) and following a low carb lifestyle. Oh course, there will be cheat meals and a few days off for my bachelorette party, but that’s life and I plan to enjoy it!

Goal Setting, Life, and Finish – Life is why I have a HUGE 2′ x 3′ calendar in my closet. Late last year, I read Finish by Jon Acuff. The book teaches you how to set goals that are achievable and, most importantly, fun! So when I saw Jon’s calendar, I jumped on it. I schedule workouts and any life events that I need to plan for. I know to schedule out-of-town workouts in advance and watch my eating habits before and after these events. This calendar is a life saver – it’s a no-brainer for anyone that’s a little OCD about planning or organizing. Or anyone with big goals to achieve!

finish calendar
Scheduling is fun thanks to my wall calendar!

Next Steps for a Healthy Week – The next few days and into the weekend, I will continue with my workout schedule and planning meals. I attend a lot of work-related events that serve food and drinks, so planning for these in advance is key. A splurge is fine as long as the food is terrific and memorable! But I can’t say that many of the meals served at these events are worth the stomachache (rubber chicken, anyone?). While I don’t know exactly what I will be eating at each event, I know that it’s okay to eat only my meat and veggies. I skip the rice, bread, and dessert, and drink water and/or unsweet tea with a little stevia (I keep packets in my purse at all times). Some people will comment about how healthy I’m eating as they are chowing down on chocolate cake but most folks understand, nod, and smile.

What are your tips for staying on plan at events? Comment below!

Stay strong and stay motivated! – Sus

Resources from Today’s Post

Orangetheory Fitness

Finish by Jon Acuff

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