Are You a Goal Getter?

These books are MUST haves if you’re serious about achieving your goals!

I’m officially two weeks into my eight week Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) Transformation Challenge (TC). I have two goals – one is to WIN the challenge and the other is to lose a specified amount of weight. I’m the queen of goals – I make them all the time. Goals to lose weight, workout X number of times a week, walk the dogs X number of times a day, eat X number of calories per day…you get the point. I can honestly say I’ve never really reached any of the goals I’ve ever set. Sometimes if I do, I slide back into old habits as soon as I complete my goal.

Sound familiar? Do you fall into the same trap and find yourself FINALLY hoping to achieve something meaningful?

You’ve come to the right place. Back in September, I stumbled upon a fantastic book, FINISH by Jon Acuff. I’ve been following Jon on Facebook and Instagram for a while and when I saw this book pop up on my feed, it sounded like the perfect medicine for what was ailing me. He gets it! He’s one of us, reaching for the moon and hoping for the stars. Setting goals that never get met. After reading his book, I went back through a second time and made pages upon pages of notes. I answered the questions posed in the book and tried to dig deep to see why I had failed in my past goals. I was prepared and ready to try again.

And I failed, once again. But it was different this time. I knew why I failed and I knew what needed to happen to turn things around. Let me explain. In Jon’s book, he sets some rules for setting goals including (but not limited to):

  • create a goal. then cut it in half or give yourself more time. (this is quite the opposite of what other books will tell you. it’s revolutionary.)
  • don’t stop trying if you’re not perfect. keep going. no one is perfect. (if I had a penny for every time I fell off the wagon and let it repeatedly run me over instead of getting back on…)
  • choose what to bomb. it’s gonna happen. plan for it. (I give myself grace if the dogs don’t get walked a few times a week)
  • make them fun!

Wait, what? FUN? If you’re trying to eat healthier or lose weight, how is that FUN? Well, I learned the hard way after trying for decades that my fun element was the missing piece of the puzzle. Thankfully, I found Orangetheory. Although it’s an intense workout and most would hardly call it fun, it’s fun to me. So find YOUR fun. What works for YOU. Not what’s normal or what works for everyone else.

So what am I doing differently? Well, many things I’ve never done before.

  1. Scheduling workouts one month or more in advance (thank you, OTF app!)
  2. Keeping a calendar of workouts, travel, and events that could derail my progress
  3. Holding myself accountable on social media
  4. Writing this blog – even if no one reads it, I have everything in writing so to speak, so I can look back and see what worked and what needs to improve
Scheduling is KEY for me! The FINISH calendar makes it so simple, I’m sure even my dogs could use it.

Before I knew about OTF and TC, I downloaded the free FINISH workbook and filled it out. Then I ditched it, and created another one with a smaller and more fun goal when I realized I would be competing in TC.

FINALLY, everything was in place.

So – how am I doing? Well, I can’t reveal any numbers in case my competition is reading but I will say that I’m well over halfway to my weight loss goal after only two weeks. It pays to set smaller, more attainable goals! My progress has kept me motivated and there is NO stopping me now!

What element of FUN can you add to complete your goal(s)? Comment below and let’s support each other!

Love yourself this week. – Sus


Resources (that I swear by):

The goal getter notebook – each day I quickly and easily record workouts and meals (nothing too specific), write what I’m grateful for, my goal to live live fit, and what I appreciate about my strong body. It’s pretty therapeutic and although I miss a few days here and there, it always welcomes me back.

FINISH by Jon Acuff. The hardcover edition is on sale right now on Amazon – it’s a sign that you need to buy it 🙂

Other Jon Acuff items you’ll love from above –  click here for the free FINISH workbook and here for the FINISH wall calendar (on sale – another sign!).

I also bought an Everlast notebook on Amazon last week. After finding over 10 notebooks (personal and work) in my laptop bag, I knew I had a problem. You write in the Everlast notebook with a special (but easy to find/buy) pen, let the ink dry, then take a photo through the app. It automatically sends it to your cloud folder of choice (you denote one of seven possible locations at the bottom of each page by marking over a specific symbol) and works with Google Drive, Everlast, and other apps, and can also be emailed to you. It’s brilliant and has already saved me TONS of paper.

If you have any resources you would like to share, comment below! We’re all here to help each other. 

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