The Power of a Walk

I absolutely adore a good, outdoor walk. The fresh air always clears my mind and it’s a great opportunity to see things I wouldn’t see from a car!

A few weeks ago, I visited Atlanta to spend time with my brother and attend a work conference. I completed an Orangetheory class in Midtown that Sunday but knew what I wanted to do on Monday instead of an intense workout – take myself for a long walk. I walked to my second favorite park in the South – Piedmont Park (because Sevier Park in Nashville is #1!) – and spent an hour power walking, people watching, listening to my favorite Spotify playlist on my AirPods (they are amazing – I highly recommend a pair), and running stairs (just once!). Trees and flowers were starting to bloom and the grass was turning green. It made for a wonderful morning!

In Nashville, I walk the dogs at least once a day, even if it’s raining. I even enjoy our rainy walks! When walking the dogs, I don’t listen to music or play on my phone, as the walk is about them, not me. Sometimes even walking with the dogs doesn’t cut it, though. I will venture out on my own and walk around the park, my neighborhood, or find a new path with new sights. No matter my physical or emotional state when I head out the front door, I always come home refreshed.

I keep a pair of sneakers in my office in case I need to walk around our business park or take something to the mailbox. A stressful day in front of the computer can wreak havoc on my eyes and head, so a quick walk is usually what the doctor ordered. I have also started wearing some really cute sneaker-like shoes from Allbirds that let me stay on my feet longer without fatigue – and they are really cute.

So, next time you need a break, put on those sneakers and step outside. You may just find it’s the best food for your soul!

What are some ways you can sneak in a quick walk during the day?

Plan some short walks this week to destress and enjoy Spring! ā€“ Sus


Resources (click on photos to learn more)

Apple AirPods – I’ve owned numerous headphones throughout the years, as I love listening to music while I run or walk. This best wireless pair I’ve had so far and one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve received (thanks, Michael and Sara!).


Allbirds Wool_Runner

Allbirds Wool Runners – My neighbor turned me on to these wonderful shoes in February and I wear them several times a week. You don’t need socks and your feet stay blister (and stink) free.



One thought on “The Power of a Walk

  1. I love a good walk, too! Over the last few months, I’ve been using my lunch breaks to take a 30-40 minute walk on the greenway that’s conveniently located across from my office building. It’s been such a needed mid-day break, since like you, I spend my day at a desk in front of a computer.

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