Transformation Challenge Results

Thank you for following along with me during my two month journey through the Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) Transformation Challenge (TC)!

I worked really hard.


I’m not a competitive person AT ALL. But I enjoy working out and eating well so I focused on being very strict with both. I went into the challenge with a different mindset than any other “competition” I’ve ever participated in. I told myself I was going to win. I scheduled workouts 2-4 weeks in advance. I made a plan. I wrote it down and reviewed it every few days to stay motivated and focused. I limited fun nights out with friends in favor of nights at home with a healthy, home cooked meal and no wine (womp, womp). I traveled to Atlanta for work at the beginning of March, followed by travel to Charleston for my bachelorette party the week after. I scheduled workouts at three different OTF studios in both cities and followed through. I went for a walk in Piedmont Park in Atlanta and during my work conference, went to bed early each night instead of networking with my colleagues. In Charleston, I drink a ton of water and walked as much as I could each day. I ate what I wanted but being such a healthy eater, I didn’t go off the rails too badly.

The awesome OTF location I participated at (Nashville West) had a really fun party on March 31 to recognize everyone in the challenge and announce the winners. We ate healthy snacks and drank champagne! I’m not gonna lie – I was a nervous wreck. I knew winners at other studios that had percentages of weight loss MUCH higher than mine. I wasn’t sure if my bachelorette party in Charleston had derailed my progress and flipped me to the dark side (but, admittedly, it was still worth it!).

So, onto the results! I’m very proud to announce that I was the overall female winner for the OTF Nashville West location! I was among so many amazing ladies that not only lost weight, but improved their workouts and eating habits.

TC Winner sc

So what’s next? Wedding Day! Not to worry, I’ve relaxed my super strict eating habits but I’m still following a low carb lifestyle. I have enjoyed some french fries every now and then, though, and I’m loving my glasses of wine again! I got into a great habit of scheduling workouts and that has continued. I am now able to workout at a studio closer to home, which is nice. I made so many new friends during the challenge and look forward to making more friends at OTF Green Hills!

If you’re curious what tools I used to reach my weight loss and TC goals, click here to read my post about them! I might have done the hard work, but I am forever a fan of Jon Acuff πŸ™‚

What are some small goals you can set right now to feel better about yourself?

Attitude can make or break reaching your goals – why not have a great one? – Sus

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