Living a consistently healthy lifestyle is hard. We ALL struggle! Below are some fun gadgets, healthy supplements, good reads, knowledgeable bloggers, and more that will help you along the way as they have helped me! And not to worry – I only recommend products I use frequently and love. Click on the images to learn more about them.

Kitchen Doodads

Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are a delicious stand-in for pasta in low-carb dishes. The Vegetti makes it easy to get two different sizes of noodles. It is small, so storage and cleaning are a snap.

Important Low Carb Ingredients
I believe in eating whole foods but I do love a sweet treat! The items below will keep you baking desserts you love but at a healthier level.

Almond Flour – a necessity for cookies, brownies, breads, and breading chicken.

Coconut flour – another baking necessity.

Coconut oil – used for frying, baking, smoothies, and my morning coffee or tea!



I try to limit my supplements, as I find our bodies are pretty smart at giving us what we need. Here are a few items I’ve recently started using and absolutely love.

MCT Oil – I use this every morning in my Bulletproof Coffee or Tea (BPC/BPT)

Priobiotics – these are SO important for a healthy digestive system. Everyone should take them, whether you follow a low-carb lifestyle or not.

Collagen – a recent find of mine. Great for healthy skin, hair, bones, and joints. You really can’t go wrong. I add a scoop to my morning BPC/BPT.


Accessories for Achieving Your Goals

Check out the book FINISH by Jon Acuff.  He makes goal-setting fun and easy! If you are interested in the free follow-up workbook (I highly recommend it!), click here to download. And last, but not least, grab the awesome, giant wall calendar here.

Below are two of my favorite journals. I write in the goal getter almost every day. I also have enjoyed my fitbook lite. Both are geared toward living a healthy lifestyle.



Blogs and Websites

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